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Water, Woods, Village and History
Water, Woods, Village and History
are elements that characterised the Valnerina, a territory of beauty, nature, culture and strong tradition. Valnerina can be considered the ecological representation richest in biodiversity and of naturalistic patrimony that reveals Umbria as an important point of reference for the protection of the natural resources.
Nera River, that flows in Castelsantangelo, in the National Park of Monti Sibillini, has modelled and transformed this territory. One hundreds of kilometres of wild waters, to which are added the water of Ussita, Corno, Campiano, Vigi, Velino.
In the calcareous rock, created by its erosion, from the III and the V century many evangelist and hermits. In the highest part there are villages, castes and towers, overhang in the valley.
This the land of San Benedetto that lives in this place to spread the rule of “ora et labora” and come back with his followers to “kill the dragon”, the river, reclaiming the banks and the souls of the habitants. In the place the followers of Assisi walked, the longboards, the Saracens, the pope, the kings, the imperators, that have attacked this lands, place of conquest.
Place of biodiversity, resource for the sustainability of Umbria
A territory that although the human exploitation, maintain the natural beauty and a naturalist appearance.
There is a rich area for the biodiversity  in accordance with the Directive 92/43/CEE “Habitat” for the conservation of the natural and semi natural habitat of the wild flora and fauna.
Valenrina represents certainly the most important point of reference for the future of development in Umbria, a contest where the principles of regional, national and European rules are model of administration and of valorisation of the protected regional area in order to preserve the natural, historical and cultural resources with the valorisation and the growth of the economic activities, social and sportive.
In this place, the administration of the ecosystem of the rivers, in accordance with the characteristics of the ecological systems, is strategic for definition of sustainable model and in accordance with the communitarian normative.
The model of administration of ZRS of Nera river is an example of the union of conservation, the valorisation, the safety with touristic and sport activity, able to produce richness, jobs opportunities and economics for the territory, in order to have national and international identifications.

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