Specific regulation of Nera No-kill in water of category “A” of Nera river.

Regulation approved according the Deliberation of the Council of the Region Umbria n.111 of 24/02/2022

Nera and Corno river

The fishing activity and its technique analysed in the present specific regulation of fishing No kill, want to, if it’s possible, adapt the activity of the sport fishing to the different ecological characteristics of the different area, and want to reduce the impact on the water ecosystem produced by this activity.

In No-kill area of Borgo Cerreto and Ferentillo, of Nera and Corno river, the fishing activity begins the first of April and ends the 31 st of October and it’s necessary a specific permission.

Sections in Province of Perugia

Nera river begins from Ittica Tranquilli in loc. Piedipaterno (Municipality of Vallo di Nera) following the 9 km of Ponte di Borgo Cerreto (Municipality of Cerreto di Spoleto) and from the Central ERG called “LE LASTRE” (Municipality of Cerreto di Spoleto), going on about 1,7 km the confluence with Corno river at Triponzo (Municipality of Cerreto di Spoleto)until Volpetti (Municipality of Cerreto di Spoleto) for 2,3 km.

The areas are divided in three sections (Sector A “ Up”, Sector A “ Down”, Sector C) where a specific and different regulation is active.

Sector A “Down”: from the weir of the Ittica Tranquilli to Km 48.600 of the S.S. 685 Valnerina, to the Km 42.900 of the S.S. 685 Valnerina;

Sector A “Up”: from the Km 42.900 of the S.S. 685 Valnerina to Ponte at the Km 41.200 of S.S. 685 Valnerina;

Sector C: from the Central ERG called “LE LASTRE” (Municipality of Cerreto di Spoleto) , to Volpetti on Como river (Municipality of Cerreto di Spoleto), for a total of about 4 km.

Section in the Province of Terni

Area of Nera river between Caserino (Municipality of Ferentillo) to 500 m under Ponte Santiago (Municipality of Scheggino in Province of Perugia).

Sector A: from Ponte di Terria to 500 m under Ponte Santiago

Sector B: from rockfall barrier of Caserino to Ponte di Terria.

Protection areas

In order to safe and facilitate the growth of the fishing fauna, in No kill territories are instituted the following protection areas :

1. Protection Area in Sector B of No kill Nera river from 200 mt upstream to 200 mt downstream of the confluence of Fosso del Principe with the Nera river in the municipality of Ferentillo.

2. Protection Area in Sector A “ Up” of the No kill Nera river that is extended for 300 mt upstream from No kill area to Cerreto di Spoleto.

The following protection areas will be signalled by a specific signs with the writing PROTECTION AREA. In the protection area the sport fishing is not allowed for the entire period of restriction.


Art. 1 – In No kill Nera and Corno river the fishing is allowed only with the use of artificial hooks in accordance with the following art. 8 and 9 with a single hook or with a previously pressed hook.

Art. 2 – In the area indicated in art. 1) is necessary to release immediately the fish. In all No-kill areas in not permitted to bring other fish species even if captured in other rivers.

Art. 3 – During the process of unhooking is allowed only the use of the unhook pincers, other instruments or rags are not permitted.

Art. 4 – To unhook the fish is must be used the hand set with silicone.

Art. 5 – Photography and video of the fishes are permitted only during the process of unhooking, where the fish is in the water on the hand net. Photography and video are allowed only for a specific necessity allowed by the authorities.

Art. 6 – Sport competitions are not permitted without excepetion.

Art. 7– The courses of sport fishing in accordance with the present specific regulation must be authorized by the administrator, the number and the name of the participants must be communicated, also the days, time and the fishing technique practised.

Art. 8 – A) In the sector A “ Up” and C the fishing activity is permitted only with the use of the technique of the artificial floating fly by the timothy grass.

B) In the sector A and A “ Down” the fishing is permitted only by using the technique of the artificial fly, floating or sinking, throwing only by the timothy grass.

C) In the sector B, the fishing is permitted with the use of the artificial fly with the timothy grass (B),and with the use of spinning, using only artificial spinning teaspoon, with a single hook without barb or previously pressed. Other hooks in silicone or plastic materials, imitation of fish that are not similar to the previous descriptions are not allowed.

Art.9 – In all the sections (A, A “Down”, A “ Up”, B and C) as far as the technique of artificial fly fishing Streamer, Strike indicator, artificial hooks different from insects, sinking “endings”, “moschera”, sinking or floating “ballerina” and Tenkara are not allowed.

Art. 10 – In the sector A “ Down” in the area between the two bridges (conveniently signed), the entrance in water during the fishing activity is not permitted. The entrance is allowed, for a short period, to bring the captured fish and for its unhooking.


A) To fish in No-kill area it’s necessary to book the fishing day and to have the daily permission that are available in the WebAPP on the website www.neranokill.it. The cost of the daily permission is 15,00 euro (a day of fishing) end 100,00 euro (10 fishing trips), the payment is effectuated by the Web APP above-mentioned.

B) The fisher can move in the different sectors, after the communication of authorities, without exceeding the limit of daily presence and the applicable modality of fishing will be respected.

If there are physical or morphological conditions of the rivers that are not compatible with the fishing activity for the all day, it would be possible to get back the booking.


In all the No-kill section of Corno and Nera rivers, Thusday is the day of closure, except for national festivities.


In order to reduce the impact on the aquatic system, in all the section of No-kill areas the sport fishing is allowed only for a daily specific number as following:

Nera river in Province of Perugia Sector A “ UP”: max. 8 fishers per day

Corno river in Province of Perugia Sector C: max. 4 fishers per day

Nera river in Province of Perugia Sector “DOWN”: max. 15 fisher per day

Nera river in Province of Terni Sector A/Sector B: max 15 fisher per day