Fishing on the Area of a specific Regulation of the Valnerina

The administration of the Area with a specific Regulation of the Valnerina wants to guarantee a balanced relationship between the activities of fishing and the safety of the aquatic ecosystem, in order to not compromise the habitat. Today this principle of administration has an important ecologic value and it’s necessary for a good support to the project of reintroduction of the trout of the area of Nera (Salmo Ghigii).
The Area with a specific Regulation of Nera and Corno rivers are constituted by different parts for a total of 19 km from Cerreto di Spoleto  and Vallo di Nera in the Province of Perugia and in the Municipality of Ferentillo in the Province of Terni, in particular the Sector C of Nera and Corno rivers, the Sector Upstream and Downstream of Nera in the Province of Perugia and the Sector A and B of the river Nera in the Province of Terni.
The territory crossed by these rivers is the best of Valnerina, as far as the nature and the richness of biodiversity, but also the local culture and tradition.
Fishing in this water that are very clear, offers the opportunity to discover the Valnerina, living wonderful moments surrounded by the beauty of the nature, discovering the culture and the tastes of the local gastronomic specialities.

Fishing on the Area of a specific Regulation
The fly fishing is the most adaptable technique of the Area with a specific Regulation.
In fact in the Area of a specific Regulation of Nera and Corno rivers, in accordance with the specific Regulation of fishing activity 2022, it’s allowed to fish only with the techniques of fly fishing with fly line and of spinning, with artificial baits with a single hook without barb or a pressed barb. The fish must be reintroduced in the river immediately without a damage. The different techniques are allowed in different ways second to the different sectors of the Area with a specific Regulation, in order to reduce the impact of the fishing activity, in relation to the ecological characteristics of the different No kill areas.
“ What is present in Nera river is almost not  present in other water rivers. Contrary in Nera river, there are all the other rivers”
“Environment, clear waters and silence. Interiority. There isn’t love for the nature without each other. An interrupted silence by the flow of the water, that is at the same time a form of silence. If you are looking for it, this river is your river”.

The Salmo trout is the undiscussed queen that lives the clearest and rapid water of Nera area, a very shy specie, not easy to see in this water ecosystems, sometimes restricted and characterised by a dense vegetation of the edge. It’s in this part of the river, where the vegetation guarantees a defence or in the deep holes, that the trout live generally.
In the other places that are present in the hydraulic area in the Nera’s basin, Nera and Corno river have different aspects, that are divided in: from Triponzo (sector C no-kill Nera river) to Piedipaterno (sector C, upstream and downstream, no-kill  Nera of Borgo Cerreto); a fluvial part with an increase of the water and the increase of the bed from Ceselli to Ferentillo (sectors A and B no-kill Nera Ferentillo). These are not “easy” water place, but many fly fishers all over the world have refined the technique in these areas.
The technique of fly fishing most indicated is the classic shallows fishing rising, fishing in attack with artificial Devaux 699 or 700 – Royal Coachman- Panama – Adam’s – March Brown, with imitation of Tricopters and Plecopters of their large sizes, or in the summer with imitation of Coleopter or Diptera.
In the No-kill area of Nera river and Corno is possible to make special captures also without hatchings (flickers of insects) considering two essential rules: to pay attention in the area where the trout live trying to lay the fly where it’s possible to find a trout, nearest the bank of the vegetation, or under bulging branches, descending without dredging.

Throwing of 45°where it’s possible, curved and slowed throwing with long endings will be the best solutions to maintain the hook the longest as possible.
If you like it, it’s also possible to fish using the nymph, where it’s allowed, finding the trout in the deep holes or in the under part of bank, where it’s allowed only to use an hook without barb and it’s not permitted the use of fly line and heavy endings.
During the hatching of the insects, the trout are selective and sometimes it’s not possible to find the right imitation considering the variety of the species.
To be patient and able to observe is the most important expedient to know what insects are the prey of the trout.
As far as the instruments, for the dry fly fishing the length of the fishing rod must measure from the 7’-7’6’-8’for an ending of 3-4, on the contrary the nymph needs a 8’6-9’ . It’s possible to use conic or bowing endings, like you prefer, but it’s important to not descend under 12 feet with a tip not inferior to 0.14, except the moment of hatching where it’s necessary to use a very small artificial fly and a smaller tip.
In order to reduce the manipulation of the fish, it’s necessary to unhook using the hand net with a silicone base ( a material that reduce the damage for the fish).
The specie of macro benthonic fauna is very present and is represented by three orders: Plecopters, Ephemeropteras, Tricopters. Expecially at the end of spring and at the beginning of the summer It’s a possible to see the flight of the elegant fly of May (ephemera Danica), the hatching of Serratella Ignita, the flights of tricopters during the deposition, a Stonefly (Dinocras Cephalotes), that goes under the river swimming on the surface of the water.

To rimind

In order to fish in the Area with a specific Regulation in Nera and Corno rivers, in accordance with Regulation 2022, that is recommended to read with attention, it’s necessary to book the fishing day and use a specific permission, the cost is 15,00 euro per day or 100,00 euro for 10 permissions of fishing. This is possible using the web-app according with this steps:
1. Pay the permission of fishing using Pago Umbria as follow: ENTER THE PAYMENT/ UMBRIA REGION/FISHING ACTIVITY where is possible to choose the typology of permission to pay only using credit cards; at the end of the process, the Pago Pa system will send the receipt of payment in pdf to the email address insert during the payment.
2. Enter on the web-site near-nokill and click on the home PERMISSION AND BOOKING to enter on the web app, continue with the registration for new users (pay attention with the insertions of personal data; in particular of C.F. and users and password)or click on login for users already registered.
3. Login to enter in the WebAPP
4. Book the fishing day: click on “new booking”in order to choose the day of fishing and verify the availability for each fishing sector
5. Confirm the reservation clicking on confirm
6. The system of web App to continue will ask the code IUR on the receipt of payment send on email by PAGO UMBRIA after the payment selected.
7. The confirm of payment is available on the menu of the Webb APP clicking on the box “see and stamp your booking” where an icon of the stamp will confirm the payment. After the payment, clicking on the stamp, a page will open where it’s possible to visualize the permission of fishing activity, available in pdf format, that can be stamp from desktop, or saved on own mobile phone.
8. The permission of fishing activity, paper or digital in the mobile phone, must be exhibited to the regulating authority with the receipt of payment of Pago Umbria. What is not exhibit from the receipt of payment is a violation of the fishing law.

9. For information, whatsapp 3387171906